Broker Partners:
At this time Anthem/Freedom/Optimum have not made any changes to the way our broker partners are doing business. However, we wanted to provide an alternative enrollment option for those concerned about face to face contact.  Brokers may now utilize our Telesales team to enroll their prospects and get credit. Individual Telephonic enrollment by brokers is currently not approved by CMS. Please read and follow the process below to use this option:

Telesales Enrollment/Broker Credit Process

  1. Broker should briefly walk enrollment prospect through the process in advance of call.
  2. Broker should call our Telesales team with the prospect for enrollment on the line. This is necessary to make sure we have all the required information to give credit and make an official hand off.
  3. Broker will introduce prospect to the Telesales agent and provide the Telesales agent the member name, MBI, Agent Name and Agent ID.
  4. The Telesales agent will provide the enrollee a call back number. This is necessary as the enrollment must be an inbound call from the prospect.
  5. Enrollment calls usually take approximately 30 minutes depending on the individual situation.
  6. SOA/VRA is not required as the enrollment calls are recorded.
  7. Updated telesales hours are currently 8am-7pm M-F and 9-5 Sat/Sun

Telesales phone numbers




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