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Working remotely does not mean you have to distance yourself from your clients and prospects. Social Media is a great tool to stay in touch and remind your clients that you’re still there for them. According to Pew Research Center, 67 percent of Boomers own a smartphone, and 57 percent use social media. Here are some tips and posts to get you started.

  • Be professional. Start a Facebook Business page for your clients to follow. We recommend not using your personal page.
  • Be consistent. Post 3-5 times per week. Vary the times, but make sure you are choosing times your clients will most likely be on social media. Multiple studies have shown that it is best to post between the hours of noon and 3pm one Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. People are not as active during those hours on Tuesday or the weekends. 
  • Be relevant. Make sure you’re sharing content that applies to the demographic and location of your clients. 
  • Be compliant. Keep the educational information generic. Don’t use carrier names, benefits or logos. Remember, someone liking your content is not permission to contact. If you are asked a question in the comments, you may respond there, but cannot private message them. If they’re not already your client, they will need to reach out to you. For more guidelines from UnitedHealthcare to adopt as best practices for all carriers, click here.

Let Your Clients Know You’re Still There for Them

Make sure your clients know you can handle all their coverage needs and questions virtually.

Staying out of public places, social distancing and even quarantine does NOT mean you should go without the insurance protection you need. We have the capability to  meet with you virtually or over the phone for your appointment. No new devices or technology needed. Call or message us today to setup your appointment for the coverage you need.”

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Share Good News!

Share the stories that uplift and give hope. Below are some sites dedicated exclusively to good news. Pick your favorite stories and share them in between informational posts. 

resource-link Good News Network
Sunny Skyz


Speak to Your Clients

Let your clients know you care about their well-being during this challenging time. Post videos, articles and infographics that pertain to their lifestyle. Many seniors are active, but their gyms have closed – post at home workouts designed for seniors. Many seniors are dealing with anxiety with the unknown right now – post meditation videos. Many seniors are susceptible to malnutrition – post helpful articles with tips to prevent it. Don’t be afraid to branch out! Here a couple of items you can share today to get you started.

resource-pdf Chair Yoga for Seniors
resource-pdf Meditation for Anxiety
resource-link 10 Ways Malnutrition Can Impact Your Health—and 6 Steps to Prevent It
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