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Building a book of business is one thing, but managing it is something else entirely. Many Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) teach their agents the basic skills for how to sell to a client, but don’t teach them how to effectively manage a growing roster of clients. Through our comprehensive training program, MCC Academy™, you’ll learn industry-leading sales techniques as well as actionable, step-by-step strategies for building, managing, and growing a robust, reliable book of business. Some of the most common questions that new agents ask include:

What Makes a Good Book of Business?

A book of business is an industry term that refers to an agent’s complete catalog of clients and accounts. A good book of business, however, is more than merely a list of names and corresponding phone numbers; it contains pertinent information about clients, such as details of their life situation and notes about what makes them unique (e.g., Sally just had a baby boy and she and her husband love the New York Yankees!).

How Do You Manage a Book of Business?

Managing a book of business is like caring for any living, evolving entity — it grows and changes, and thus requires close care and attention. Just because a book of business is booming today, there are no guarantees that it will be booming a year from today. Properly managing a book of business requires keeping in touch with existing clients as well as cultivating relationships with new ones.

Who Owns the Book of Business?

Many FMOs retain full or partial ownership over their agents’ books of business. This is unfortunate for the agents because, should they part ways with that FMO, they’ll have to start at square one. However, as an agent with MCC Brokerage, you’ll retain sole ownership of your book of business until you’re ready to turn around and sell it.

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Our comprehensive training courses provide thorough answers to all these questions, plus so much more. Take advantage of this vital resource to grow and manage your book of business by contracting with MCC Brokerage. Contact us today to get started.

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