Telephonic enrollment tools

As you transition away to telephonic appointments, we’ve updated our electronic enrollment system/process to ensure you’re fully compliant when selling over the phone. 

    • SOAs can now be completed within the online application through email (preferred) or over the phone via a 3-way call into our agent support line and the prospect.
    • After receiving your submitted online application, we’ll call the prospect/POA to get a verbal enrollment attestation on a recorded line.

The full process:

    • In the online application, Broker creates profile for prospect, collects SOA (in-app through email or calls into Devoted Agent Support Line
    • Broker selects plan and enters application information while on the phone with prospect – be sure to select if the enrollment is being conducted by phone
    • Broker submits application and informs prospect that someone from Devoted will be reaching out within the next 2 business days to record verbal authorization of beneficiary’s intent to enroll with Devoted 

Note: If authorization is not recorded prior to the effective date, the application will not be processed.


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