Getting to Know the Products You’ll Be Offering

Training ProductsWhen you’re an independent insurance agent, your clients will look to you as the expert. As such, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the products you offer and a solid understanding of how they can best be bundled for your clients, given their individual needs, preferences, and budget. Such knowledge will not only help you build relationships with your clients, but it will also help you earn more business. As a leading National Marketing Alliance, MCC Brokerage offers comprehensive training courses through MCC Academy™, including an in-depth overview of the products we offer.

Primary Medicare Products

When you contract with MCC Brokerage, these are the products that you will be marketing daily:

Medicare Advantage

Also known as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage is a type of Medicare health plan administered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans cover all Medicare services, usually include prescription drug coverage, and incorporate ancillary benefits not covered by Original Medicare.

Medicare Supplements

Commonly called “Medigap” coverage, Medicare supplement plans can help pay some of the health care expenses that Original Medicare (Parts A & B) does not cover, such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Ancillary Medicare Products

Ancillary benefits are a secondary type of health insurance that covers miscellaneous medical expenses not covered by Original Medicare or paid-in-full by primary Medicare products.

  • Dental/Vision/Hearing (DVH)
  • Cancer plans
  • Hospital Indemnity plans
  • LongTerm Care plans (LTC)
  • Final Expense
  • Life insurance

After completing this training course, you’ll be well-versed in the products that we offer and will be ready to move on to the next course in our MCC Academy™ series, which focuses on marketing techniques.

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Our products training course, as well as the other courses we offer through MCC Academy™, will help you build a successful career as an independent insurance agent. Contact MCC Brokerage today to begin contracting with us.

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