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At MCC Brokerage, we believe it’s important for our agents to be well-versed in annuity products, as well as Medicare and other insurance products. Many clients, especially those who are retired, are seeking creative ways to insure their retirement and receive periodic payments now that they are no longer earning a salary. Annuity products were first developed to provide retirees with a reliable means of securing a steady flow of income during their retirement. Unlike other tax-deferred retirement accounts, like an IRA or a 401(k), annuities do not have annual contribution limits, which allows annuitants to put away more savings and defer paying taxes.

Fixed & Equity-Indexed Annuities

We offer both “fixed” and “equity-indexed” annuities. Fixed annuities provide consistent, regulated payments to the annuitant, whereas equity-indexed, or variable annuities, allow the annuitant to receive larger payments if the investments of their annuity fund perform well and smaller payments if the investments perform poorly. While equity-indexed annuities provide a less stable cash flow than a fixed annuity, they also allow the annuitant to reap the benefits of strong returns from their fund’s investments.

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