Making the Most of Internet Leads

Internet LeadsThe internet is an inextricable part of today’s world. Every sector of society seems to have a web-based component, and the insurance sales market is certainly no exception. Year after year, internet leads are becoming more common and thus more valuable to independent insurance agents. While agents of yesteryear went door to door, delivering longwinded presentations in an effort to sell policies, today’s agents are doing much less knocking and more pointing and clicking. Why? Because pursuing internet leads saves time, money, and resources, and spares agents from having to generate a list of leads on their own.

Premium Internet Leads

As a leading National Marketing Alliance, MCC Brokerage has partnered with a number of the industry’s most trusted lead-generation companies, including:

  • DataLot
  • LeadStar
  • Nextgen Leads

All of our agents have access to exclusive, shared, and warm-transfer leads that can help them fill their funnel with promising potential clients. We also offer special access to internet leads through our PartnerUp™ program. These leads are available on a shared basis and can be accessed through an MCC Brokerage account. When using internet leads, agents must maintain proper lead dispositions and handle all leads in compliance with CMS regulations.

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