Life Insurance Products

Life Insurance Products

Here at MCC Brokerage, we make it easy for you to provide your clients with the level of life insurance they’re looking for, regardless of their current or anticipated life circumstances. We offer a variety of life insurance products, including:

Term Life

A term life insurance policy is one with a set duration limit on the coverage period. Once the policy is expired, it is up to your clients to decide whether to renew the term life insurance policy or to let the coverage end. As the name implies, a term life insurance policy only lasts for a specific period of time, whether that is one year, 10 years, 20 years, or even up to 30 years.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance policies provide lifetime protection by paying a lump sum death benefit. Whole life policies differ from term insurance policies in that they have a savings component with earnings accruing, referred to as cash value. In essence, whole life insurance policies – which are a type of permanent insurance – combine life coverage with an investment fund.

Universal Life

Universal life insurance is a type of permanent insurance policy that combines term life insurance with a money market-type investment that pays a market rate of return. Unlike whole life insurance, universal life allows the cash value of investments to grow at a variable rate that is adjusted monthly. Oftentimes, the death benefit, savings element, and policy premiums can be reviewed and altered as your clients’ life circumstances change over time.

Final Expense

Final expense insurance is designed to cover expenses associated with death, such as embalming, caskets, burial, and other funeral costs. Final expense insurance is available in two different types of policies — guaranteed issue or simplified issue — and, like life insurance, is payable to a named beneficiary upon the death of the insured party.

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