Medicare Resources for New & Experienced Agents Alike

Medicare Resources for Agents

One aspect of MCC Brokerage that sets us apart from other Field Marketing Organizations and has helped us become a leading National Marketing Alliance is the unparalleled level of support we provide to our agents. Whether you’re just starting a career in insurance sales or have been in the business for decades, there’s always more to learn and much to be gained by honing your skills and knowledge. After all, the more up to date you are on Medicare as a whole, the different coverage options, and the latest rules and regulations, the more prepared you’ll be to assist your clients and answer any questions they have.

To that end, we’ve compiled an assortment of Medicare Resources. For new agents, these videos and documents are wonderful tools to help you get started, and for experienced agents, they can be helpful for refreshing your knowledge of the basics.

Video Resources

MCC has compiled several videos that do a good job of breaking down complex Medicare-related topics, which can help you better explain this information to your clients in a way that they’ll understand. These videos cover a variety of topics related to Medicare, ranging from the different parts of Medicare to coverage choices. We even have videos that discuss the basics of Long-Term Care and how it pertains to Medicare, plus much more.

Print Resources

We have gathered some key resource documents that every agent should have at their disposal. These job aids are the most up to date versions available to always make sure you have the latest information. Not only is the newest Medicare & You Handbook available, but so are the most recent Extra Help (LIS) and Medicare Savings Plan (MSP) income limits, among many other resources.

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