Everything You Need to Know About Enrolling Beneficiaries

Enrolling Beneficiaries TrainingWhen you’re in the field working directly with clients, it’s important to conduct yourself confidently and professionally. And while it may take a few interactions for you to establish a good agent-client rapport, making a favorable first impression can help you engender trust in your clients. Here at MCC Brokerage, a leading National Marketing Alliance, we understand just how important it is for everything to go smoothly during the enrollment process. The fourth installment in our MCC Academy™ training series covers all things related to enrolling beneficiaries. This course will teach you how to:

  • Conduct in-home appointments
  • Complete a Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement enrollment form
  • Address concerns and objections that clients commonly have
  • Build trust with your clients through active listening
  • Effectively button up your sale like a seasoned pro

Enrolling beneficiaries is not just about converting leads — it’s about building relationships. Your first visit with a potential client should be all about establishing trust. Take the time to get to know your clients, not just as customers, but also as individuals. Listen to their concerns, their needs and wants, and only share with them the information that is most pertinent to their unique situation. Going into your appointments with a game plan, and taking time afterward to reflect on what worked and what didn’t, will help you fine-tune your approach and improve your overall success rate.

After completing this course, you will be ready to move on to the next and final installment in our MCC Academy™ training series, which focuses on managing your book of business.

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