Developing a Winning Marketing Strategy

Marketing TrainingIt’s a foundational truth of marketing: Your product could be the greatest thing in the world, but if nobody knows you’re selling it, you’re not going to make very many sales. When it comes to selling insurance, how you present yourself and your products to potential clients greatly affects your ability to succeed. Independent agents who contract with MCC Brokerage have access to a marketing training course, which provides detailed information about how to market Medicare products and offers a number of proven marketing methods that can help you quickly grow your book of business.

Finding What Works Best for You

The third installment in our MCC Academy™ training program, this marketing course will give you a blueprint for developing and maintaining a winning marketing strategy. Just as no two agents are alike, successful marketing strategies can vary significantly from agent to agent. Some agents may prefer the face-to-face interaction that comes with working local community events, while others may have more success pursuing internet leads or participating in direct mail campaigns. It all comes down to which marketing methods work well with your individual strengths and, ultimately, what yields the best results.

Marketing Compliance

Like all government-controlled products and services, Medicare is heavily regulated. There are certain rules of conduct that you must comply with when selling Medicare and other insurance lines, and, as an independent agent, it is your responsibility to adhere to all federal, state, and other regulations. Our marketing training course will provide you with all the information you’ll need regarding how to contact potential clients, how to properly register formal and informal marketing events, and more.

After taking this course, you’ll have an actionable game plan for marketing your products to future clients. You’ll also be ready to move on to the next course in our MCC Academy™ series, which focuses on enrolling beneficiaries.

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Our marketing training course, as well as our other MCC Academy™ courses, will give you the tools you need to build a successful career as an independent insurance agent. To begin contracting with us, contact MCC Brokerage today.

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