Putting Agents First Since 1991

As a leading National Marketing Alliance, MCC Brokerage works to empower independent insurance agents. Whether you’re just breaking into the insurance sales industry or you’re a veteran agent who’s looking to expand and capitalize on your current business, we’re ready to invest in you.

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MCC’s Proprietary Marketing Catalog

With brand recognition being one of the key components in advertising, MCC has created our exclusive marketing catalog for agents to choose customizable collateral with consistent looks across all pieces to build their personal brand in the community. We have also included pieces, such as quarterly newsletter, monthly infographics and more, to assist you with staying in touch with your clients.

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Partnership Advantages

Leading the Way

We foster success by continually creating new opportunities for our agents to expand their clientele and take their business to the next level

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Tools of the Trade

Through MCC Academy™, you’ll learn award-winning sales techniques from experienced agents and strategies for growing and managing your client base.
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We’ve Got Your Back

With a strong back-office support system providing expert assistance and easy access to insider information, you’ll always be on your game.
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Keep What You’ve Built

Some FMOs require full or partial ownership over their agents’ books of business. This may not seem problematic until the day comes that the FMO decides to sell that book of business to someone else. When you contract with MCC Brokerage, you can rest easy knowing you retain full ownership of the book of business you’ve worked so hard to build — until you decide to sell it off.

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Everything You Need, All in One Place

As one of the fastest-growing National Marketing Alliances in the country, MCC Brokerage is committed to offering top-tier agent resources including comprehensive training, quality lead generation, and a back-office team that can give you the support you need to succeed.

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