Long-Term Care Insurance

It may be difficult for your clients to imagine at this point in time, but there’s a good chance that one day they’ll need somebody else to care for them. If they were to develop a chronic illness or become disabled and could no longer care for themselves for an extended period of time, they would require assistance and this assistance would come at a cost. Thankfully, long-term care insurance can help cover this cost.

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care insurance covers a wide range of services and can help your clients meet their personal care needs. Most long-term care insurance policies do not provide medical care, but instead provide assistance with the basic personal tasks of everyday life, often referred to as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Clients with chronic medical conditions, disabilities, or disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease often require advanced care. Most long-term care insurance policies can help them pay for this care at places such as:

  • Their home
  • A nursing home
  • An assisted living facility
  • An adult day care center

Especially for clients who are 50 years of age and older, considering long-term care costs is important to devising a long-range financial plan. Waiting until they require such care to purchase coverage is not an option as they won’t qualify for long-term care insurance if they already have a debilitating condition. Most people who purchase long-term care insurance policies do so in their mid-50s to mid-60s.

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