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What Is a Field Marketing OrganizationIn the most basic sense, a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) is a company that markets and sells a variety of insurance products through a workforce of independent agents or brokers. FMOs are also sometimes called Insurance Marketing Organizations (IMO) or National Marketing Alliance (NMA), though the latter is a term reserved for a select group of FMOs across the country. Because insurance carriers don’t often have internal salesforces, they contract with an FMO to distribute their products or product lines. While there are some insurance carriers that will contract with agents directly, for the most part, agents are required to work with an FMO in order to access the products that the carriers offer.

FMOs provide training to their agents to help them learn important information about the different insurance products they will be selling. They also sometimes provide marketing materials and financial assistance and help with lead generation through a variety of channels such as internet leads, direct mail, community marketing events, and more. However, not all FMOs are created equal. If you’re thinking about going into insurance sales, making sure you partner with a well-established FMO that puts its agents first is critical to building a successful career.

Set Yourself Up for Success with MCC Brokerage

As one of the top 20 FMOs in the nation, MCC Brokerage has earned the distinction of a National Marketing Alliance (NMA). We offer a wide range of senior, life, and healthcare products and provide our agents — both new and experienced — with the tools they need to be financially and professionally successful. We offer in-depth training, provide a robust back-office support system, and can assist with lead generation. Best of all, our services are 100% free to our agents.

To learn more about how a field marketing organization works, or to begin contracting with MCC Brokerage, contact us today.