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Where Can I Get Full-Spectrum Training As An Independent Insurance AgentJust as you can’t build a great building on a weak foundation, you can’t build a great career as an independent insurance agent without first laying the groundwork for success. With more than 25 years in the insurance sales industry, MCC Brokerage has produced thousands of successful agents, and every success story begins with a drive to succeed that is nurtured by quality training and top-notch mentorship.

Most Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) offer their new agents some form of training, but it usually only covers the basics and often lacks real-world application. It might show you how to get started in the field, but won’t offer any long-game strategy or tips for how to take the techniques and make them your own. In short, most training won’t help new agents get better, but here at MCC Brokerage, we’ve taken our new agent training program to the next level.

MCC Academy – Learning Made Easy

Because high-quality training is so vital to an agent’s ability to seize opportunities and build a successful career, we’ve created a comprehensive training program called MCC Academy. We offer courses that range from 101-level sales tactics to more advanced aspects of the trade and cover topics such as:

Through MCC Academy, you’ll receive sound, informative training from experienced agents who specialize in direct sales techniques and broker management systems, and have extensive knowledge of different Medicare plans. You’ll emerge from MCC Academy well-versed in product specifics, enrollment policies, and industry best practices, so you can feel confident going into the field.

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