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You may be wondering how you can continue to meet your clients’ life insurance needs, as the Coronavirus continues to cause uncertainty.  Pacific Life has the solutions you need to provide life insurance with a completely paperless end-to-end process, with no client meetings needed to provide your clients with the life insurance coverage they need.

Smooth Sailing is a straightforward underwriting process with no credit scores or “Black Box” scoring.  More importantly, if the client fits the qualification requirements, they will not have the hassle of an insurance exam or lab (No Paramed).  Today, clients are wanting insurance more now than ever, but do not want someone to come to their home.  Smooth Sailing is your answer and it is available for all underwriting classes, including table rated cases.

This PROVEN system has over 6900 cases to date that have been Smooth Sailing!

Smooth Sailing Qualification Requirements

  • Clients age nearest birthday 50-69
  • Amount of coverage applied for and in force with Pacific Life must be less than or equal to $1 Million
  • Comprehensive physical and blood work from the applicant’s personal physician within the last 18 months.

Don’t forget about E-Delivery.  Why postpone a policy delivery until things get better? You can simply use e-delivery for your clients to help keep those cases going inforce sooner rather than later.

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