Making The Most Of The Life Insurance Awareness Campaign

To successfully leverage this promotional campaign, educate clients and prospects, expand online options and be more active on social media. COVID-19 has underscored the need for many Americans to review their life insurance needs and seriously consider the purchase of life insurance. With today’s numerous uncertainties, insurance is being seen as a way for millions [...]

Customize Life Insurance with Riders

Life Insurance riders bring more value to basic coverage. Riders offer supplemental coverage to your life insurance policy and accommodate many unexpected events that aren't covered within coverage alone. Here are a few riders you can add to tailor your clients' plans: Waiver of Premium Rider: Waives policy premium if your client becomes totally and permanently disabled [...]

Preparing Clients for Parameds and Cognitive Assessments

Phone interviews, paramed exams, and/or cognitive assessments are often required when applying for insurance. When a client knows what to expect, the client can be comfortable with the process, information can be ready, and applications can be approved faster. UNDERWRITING Review underwriting requirement Medical records will likely be requested If a paramed and exam are [...]

Assurity E-Apps

  Today’s challenges are making many people rethink how they approach customers. With social distancing in effect, sitting down with a client isn’t an option and you might feel a little lost. Now more than ever, technology can help. Assurity’s e-application process keeps your business moving, and helps clients get the coverage they need. If [...]

Write life insurance without meeting your client in person!

We know the pandemic is disconcerting and some people are using an abundance of caution in staying close to home. With our Drop Ticket application system, a client can apply for life insurance without having a face-to-face meeting - in fact, you don't even have to collect a "wet ink" signature from them. Here's how [...]

Fluidless Underwriting Option & Electronic Policy Delivery

You may be wondering how you can continue to meet your clients' life insurance needs, as the Coronavirus continues to cause uncertainty.  Pacific Life has the solutions you need to provide life insurance with a completely paperless end-to-end process, with no client meetings needed to provide your clients with the life insurance coverage they need. [...]

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