Telephonic MAPD Marketing Presentation

Due to the current state of COVID-19 as of 3/16/2019, WellCare will allow agents to conduct telephonic MAPD sales appointments with beneficiaries!

Remember, when conducting telephonic MAPD marketing presentations to Medicare prospects seeking only MAPD information; all current CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines, WellCare policies, etc. must be followed.

resource-pdf 2020 WellCare Presentation
resource-pdf 2020 WellCare Presentation Video

MAPD Telephonic Marketing Presentation Dos and Don’ts

After all CMS requirements are met including consent-to-contact and SOA, an agent may proceed with a telephonic MAPD marketing presentation and assist with a formulary/physician searches.

If the prospect agrees to enroll, the agent MAY:

  • Provide PURL information to the prospect; or
  • Send paper application (and all required documents) to be completed by the prospect

If the prospect agrees to enroll, the agent MAY NOT conduct telephonic enrollments on behalf of the prospect

Don’t forget! Once you’ve completed the enrollment, fill out the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for an extra $50!

Remote Enrollment Option

WellCare also offers agents the option of obtaining a PURL (Personalized URL), allowing clients to self-enroll online within your book of business. As with all Medicare sales, you must complete a compliant sales presentation with the client first, including obtaining an SOA. 

resource-pdf More Information about PURL
resource-pdf Electronic Enrollment through PURL          Password: Purl2020

Following completion of the compliant sales presentation, you may obtain and market your PURL using the following guidelines from WellCare.

How Do I Get My PURL?
A PURL is a non-agent-assisted, online application tool where beneficiaries can self-enroll into a WellCare plan within your book of business. The PURL is available/emailed to active certified agents just 7-10 days after all certification requirements are successfully completed. A PURL is assigned to an agent using the following format:

How Can I Market My PURL?
Agents have the flexibility to market their PURL to Medicare beneficiaries via the following:

  • Business card
  • Flyer
  • Website
  • Social media pages

Beneficiary Enrollment
By utilizing the PURL, beneficiaries have access to a plan comparison tool that will provide an overview of each benefit available in their market as well as the option to request more information. Once the plan selection is made, the beneficiary can continue with the online application.

After submission and processing, the agent will receive credit for the enrollment. Commissions will reflect on your statement in the Agent Connect.

Compliance Rules
Note: Agents cannot complete the online application on behalf of the beneficiary, or assist the beneficiary with completion of the application via the PURL



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