Building Client Loyalty: More than Just a Plan

Client loyalty can make or break a business. Building relationships with people that are relying on an agent to guide them through the choppy waters of health care coverage makes all the difference. It’s what gives one person an overstuffed book of business, while the other is sitting and waiting for their phone to ring. [...]

Are You Offering Multiple LTC Insurance Options?

Studies say 70 percent of seniors can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives. There are various ways to obtain long-term care (LTC) coverage, but which should you advise for your client? Every option has pros and cons, but we believe the best choice depends on your client’s individual situation. The [...]

Cover those Copays with Hospital Indemnity Plans

Now is the time to capitalize on your hard work. Make an effort to follow up with your clients. Find out if they are satisfied with their plans, but maybe just as importantly, see what ancillary products might interest them. Seniors live on fixed incomes and must be prepared for worst-case health scenarios. In a CDC [...]

Customize Life Insurance with Riders

Life Insurance riders bring more value to basic coverage. Riders offer supplemental coverage to your life insurance policy and accommodate many unexpected events that aren't covered within coverage alone. Here are a few riders you can add to tailor your clients' plans: Waiver of Premium Rider: Waives policy premium if your client becomes totally and permanently disabled [...]

Preparing Clients for Parameds and Cognitive Assessments

Phone interviews, paramed exams, and/or cognitive assessments are often required when applying for insurance. When a client knows what to expect, the client can be comfortable with the process, information can be ready, and applications can be approved faster. UNDERWRITING Review underwriting requirement Medical records will likely be requested If a paramed and exam are [...]

Planning for 2021: Top Seven Tips for Medicare Agents

A new year brings new opportunity. Capture as much of that opportunity as possible by starting the year off right. Here are seven things you can do this January to prepare yourself for a great year in Medicare sales. 1. Audit the previous year. The last year was a busy one. Go over the year [...]

How to Take on an Upset Client in the Insurance Industry

At least once in your sales career, you may meet an insurance client who had a negative experience with another agent, plan, or insurance in general. While these bad experiences were out of your control, you have the ability to make their next experience a positive one! When working with a “jaded” client, remember that [...]

How to Get Someone to Talk About Their Agent or Advisor

Tactful questions can prompt revealing answers that let you know what they are looking for, possibly in a future client-advisor relationship. Let’s assume part of your practice involves working with individuals.  When you meet someone socially (which today could be onscreen or even through social media) the question “What do you do?” or “Tell me [...]

The Medicare AEP Final Push: Agent Action Plan

AEP ends on December 7. Before then, you have a lot of work to do. Getting applications in on time is essential for you and your clients. Don’t give up, and don’t slow down. Plan your final push before the window of opportunity closes. Your To-Do List Are you forgetting something – or someone? Here’s [...]

The Value of Staying in Touch with Clients

You’ve met with a client, quoted plans, and completed and submitted the application. Your work is done right? Well, no. If you want to be successful in this business, you’re going to need to stay in touch with clients. It’s just good business. No matter the business or what is being sold, clients and customers [...]

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