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BayCarePlus Electronic Enrollment Process



BayCarePlus Producers,  

In an effort to keep you and our community safe, we have created new options for you to submit enrollments.

For agents and beneficiaries with email access, please use the preferred method of sending and electronic application and electronic Scope of Appointment (SOA) to your client. We have included some helpful videos on how to do that in this email.

For agents and beneficiaries without email access, you can now do a telephonic enrollment. Just follow these steps:

1.    When your client is on the phone and ready to enroll, please call Producer Support at (877) 259-8657.The first step is to walk you through the telephonic SOA.

2.    Immediately following, you are required to place a second call once the SOA is captured to do the enrollment. Again, with your client already on the phone, call (877) 259-8657. You (the agent) will guide your client through the enrollment process as our support team documents the appropriate information for compliance purposes.

3.    Once the enrollment is completed, a confirmation will be sent to you and your client.

We are here to support you and thank you for continuing to service our community with your diligent efforts. With any questions, please contact our Producer Support team: (877) 259-8657 or

Thank you,
Nickie Leon
Broker Sales Manager
C. 813-546-4525


Helpful Hints on Submitting Electronic Enrollments

Video: Sending an Electronic Application

Video: Sending an Electronic SOA

A PDF version of the BayCarePlus Agent Checklist can be found in the Documents icon within your Producer Portal:


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