Telemedicine: How is Humana responding to the Coronavirus?

2020 Virtual Visits FAQ


I know Humana is covering the Co-pay related to COVID-19 testing

Q: Does this also cover the office visit (PCP, Urgent Care , ER) related to getting the test?  Also, is there any additional coverage for those diagnosed and receive treatment?

A: It’s only for the test that fees are waived and also if they use telehealth. Most testing is done through the Department of Health so they shouldn’t have to go to the doctor or ER unless they are critical. Treatment would be covered like all treatments according to their plan benefits.


Found Virtual Visits document on MPU but it has 2019 plan information

Q: How will members access telemedicine services?  Is it via an App?

A: Please see job aid above on telemedicine.  Training confirmed they have updated the document in MPU.


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