Ascend Virtual Sales Office is a secure, real-time, cloud-enabled data platform that packs all the necessary tools
for field agents into one convenient app. In order to gain access, agents must complete the Ascend Virtual Sales Office Quote & Enrollment Training.

How do I get access to Ascend?

For Brokers – Submit a request to your Account Executive for access to Ascend. You will need to provide your full name, email address, National Producer Number (NPN), primary contact number and residence state. Once verified, you are contracted and ready to sell Allwell. You will be emailed your Ascend Login credentials by the Ascend Administrator.

How do I download Ascend?

From your preferred device, open a browser and enter Enter your username (email address) and password that was emailed to you in the welcome email.

Once logged in, navigate to the Download thumbnail to access the Download page.

From the download page you will have two installation options:

  1. Ascend iOS (mobile version)
  2. Ascend Windows

Double click on the Install App button for either version of Ascend you wish to install. Once the installation is complete you are now registered to use the Ascend Mobile Application and Ascend Agent portal for the state you are registered to sell in.

How do I find my RATE phone number?

You can find your RATE phone number from the Ascend Mobile Application (AMA). Once logged into AMA, go to the Notifications Home page. Your RATE number will be displayed when you are set to “Accepting Calls.”

How do I find my Personal URL (PURL)?

Each Agent will have a Personal URL for each state they are entitled to sell in. To access the PURL, the Agent must log into the Ascend Agent portal, with your Ascend credentials for each state you are entitled to sell. Click on View Enrollments and your PURL can be found on the top of the page.

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