Tools for Reaching a Remote Audience


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PPP Resources

PPP-Borrower-Information-Fact-Sheet-033120 PPP-Overview-033120

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Personalizable Press Release – COVID-19 Scammers


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UHC Social Media Guidelines

United - Sales Policy Job Aid - Agent Website and Social Media Guidelines

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Assurity E-Apps

  Today’s challenges are making many people rethink how they approach customers. With social distancing in effect, sitting down with a client isn’t an option and you might feel a little lost. Now more than ever, technology can help. Assurity’s e-application process keeps your business moving, and helps clients get the coverage they need. If [...]

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MCC CE Program

CE Info on Letterhead

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2020 WellCare Presentation


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Here at MCC Brokerage, we value technology and want our agents to be aware of the marketing potential in websites and networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. We understand there is still some confusion as to why social media marketing is so important. So, we put together this list of reasons you, as an agent, should [...]

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Social Media Post Ratio

It can be difficult to decide what to post on your Business social media accounts. MCC Brokerage suggests a ratio similar to this. Your Business page posts should only be insurance related about 20% of the time. Remember, you are a resource to your clients. Try posting things they will genuinely appreciate and find helpful. [...]

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Personalized URL (PURL) Enrollment

WellCare PURL rev 03232020

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